One-day Workshops

Our sales enablement programs generate quick results through cross-functional one-day workshops. Some of our most successful programs are:

  • The Lead Accelerator: Review the lead generation process and revenue cycle, take advantage of changing online and social buying behavior, improve the quality of your leads, and enhance Sales and Marketing ability to nurture and follow through on leads.
  • Social Selling: Use social media to prospect, engage customers, and increase deal velocity, and ensure marketing and sales efforts enhance each other.
  • Working Together: Experience a day in the life of a Marketing and Sales person. Simulate a typical working day so you can identify inefficiencies and create solutions for working together more effectively and increase mutual understanding
  • Insights & Knowledge that Outpace the Competition: Absorb critical customer information and share knowledge between marketing and sales needed for Sales to succeed.
  • Sales Conversations That Win: Marketing and Sales develop customized field messages and value proposition, and assemble the right tools and support for sales to close deals in line with branding requirements.
  • The Tech Enabler: Sales and Marketing sit together to discuss how they can use existing technology better in their daily work, set expectations and identify quick wins.
  • Revenue Performance Management Throughout the Customer Buying Process: Determine the steps in your customer buying process so you can generate the desired actions for each step and determine metrics to measure progress and take actions.
  • Best Practices of Selling in Silicon Valley: Learn from best practices in Silicon Valley about do’s and don’ts in Sales and Marketing alignment and processes. Determine which concepts would bring large improvements to your sales organization.

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